Sibling Stories

Because I am a very nice person (and very humble) I helped my sister move the other day. It was just the two of us because apparently other people have jobs. We had to drive twice because not all her things fit into one load. Both rides I was not allowed to drive (she thinks she is a better driver although she believes a red light is just a suggestion and cars as opposed to pedestrians always have right of way,  because cars are „stronger“ or something) and so I sat in the front passenger seat with a heavy box on my lap and a spiky thorny plant pressing into my face (don’t tell them I am exaggerating Naima!). We had to carry the boxes and matress and plants, so many fucking plants up the stairs into her new apartment. I already had sore muscles because she had forced me to do squats on my tipy-toes the day prior. So it was pain and agony walking up and down, down and up until finally we were finished and I could get back home to do my own work. Later that day she came over to visit and because it was late and I was still sitting at my desk working I asked her if she could make me a coffee. In true sisterly fashion she said no. I said, „but I helped you move an entire apartment into your new home today!“. She actually replied „You can’t bring that up forever“. Lol. Like certain South Africans right after ’94.